Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At Last

Here is a photo of the portion of the project that is currently hanging at the LOFT Gallery in downtown St Cloud. This show is a group display with other artists from the Avon Area Arts. A new local group that has started up. Check it out at 819 St Germain. (That's the downtown version of St Germain- it's interesting to note that there are 4- yes, 4 different streets with the same name in St Cloud. Two of them are only a couple blocks apart from each other, and the other 2 are on the other side of town, not really near each other. I like to joke that city planning meetings are actually keggers. I don't know how else to explain 4 distinct streets with the same
name without accusing someone of being drunk.)

I hope everyone has been diligently knotting and beading and stitching. Perhaps someday we'll be caught up, and it will only take a few of us getting together once a month to record the most current deaths. Or, maybe it will all end peacefully, and I can be done with this BIG project. That's the one I'm hoping for. Thank you to everyone who is helping to complete this. Your response and dedication keep me going when I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the enormity of everything.

If you find yourself in the St Cloud area on a Sunday afternoon, Stop in at Mississippi Bean and Tea at 819 St Germain. (Yes, in the same building as the gallery) I am going to be setting up a little stitching get together from 2-4 in the afternoons. I will bring blank blocks, thread, needles, & beads. You can bring along yourself and maybe another friend to help stitch knots, or beads while we enjoy each other's company. We will do this every Sunday, unless I have something else come up. Then I will make a note here. But if we get a nice group going, you won't even need me every single Sunday. I'm excited for the progress we've made recently, and it makes me want to maintain that momentum.

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