Thursday, April 17, 2008

900+ !!!

Hey- we're making progress! I have just over 900 blocks completed with your help.

Keep plugging away and sending me blocks. And no excuses like, "I can't sew on a button." To sew on a bead, is one stitch up, and one stitch down. Granted, that's over and over, and over. Then you spin that technique and use the fancy term, "mastery learning" by the time you've completed a couple of blocks, you'll be able to sew on a button! Another bullet point on the resume of life!

If you still refuse to pick up a needle and thread you can help by purchasing some size #1 safety pins, and purple "E" beads. Right now I have 3 sections of 30 blocks each ready to pin together, but I am fresh out of pins and running low on beads. HELP!! I won't turn down other supplies either, but pins and purple beads are the top priority right now.

I am working the details to hang the project in another venue. I am hoping all 1000 (because by the time it hangs you'll have sent me at least 100 more blocks and the pins and the beads) will fit in this space. I'll let you know.

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