Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upsala and Some Catch-up

When "Quilting for Peace" came out this last fall, the library where I work put out a little blurb and a link on our staff daily news page. The awesome Wanda who manages the Upsala branch contacted me and asked me to hang a portion of the project in their library. Thanks Wanda!!

It was last week already that I went and installed 435 blocks, suspending them from the ceiling. They have a beautiful mural on the wall and the project looks really nice with it. It will be there through the end of the month - stop by!

I keep getting completed blocks!! You have no idea how happy I get at the thought of having this completed and ready to be viewed en masse. Keep 'em coming! I am aiming to be done by Memorial Day, and there is still lots to do.

I may have arm twisted someone into helping with PR. I know you recognize that as my not strongest skill as I am woefully behind on posting and organizing photos etc, etc, etc....

Any place you'd like to see the project hang? Let me know!!

Oh, we didn't have an artist for February at my library, so I also hung 496 blocks at my library! You can stop by Waite Park on your way home from Upsala!