Friday, March 14, 2008

Catching Up

Life got a little overwhelming for a while, but, things are almost back to manageable.

We are making progress! Remember back in January when I hung the 330 blocks that were completed then? Now there are 330 hanging in The Hjemkomst Center, 360 blocks hanging at the Loft in downtown St Cloud, and I have another 100 finished blocks courtesy of Anne, Bob and Eileen . THANKS!! Sarah sent me a note saying she has another 70 blocks ready for knots!! We are going to pass the 1000 completed block mark soon.

I would love to know how many blocks you have in progress and might be sending in soon. And if you feel the need to send in some #1 safety pins, and size E purple beads, I will do a happy dance!!

My pc and I have been arguing about posting photos this week. I'm going with the tomorrow is another day theory. Check back for images from both the Hjemkomst Center and the loft soon.


Jo said...

Hi Caron, Heres the info on the war Prayer.

Mark Twain's War Prayer
March 15, 2008
7:30 p.m.
University Lutheran Church

A few "wild hair patriots" known to many in SD 14 and SD 15 have planned a readers' theater musical adaptation of Mark Twain's "War Prayer" to recognize the 5th anniversary of America's invasion of Iraq.

The event also honors solidarity with Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Alternative To War Committee.

The event is free and open to all those in the public who have the strength to stomach Mr. Twain's bitter wit.

Donations accepted to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Directions to University Lutheran Church:
390 South 4th Ave, St. Cloud.
This is the corner of 4th Street South and 4th Avenue South in St. Cloud.
Parking is behind the Church accessible in the alley to the east of the Church.

Carol E. said...

I have five or six almost ready to send to you. Could you give me your address, please?