Thursday, February 7, 2008


A big Hello and ThankYou to Carol from Giraffe Dreams and everyone who has been following her link here! It's great to have more folks supporting the project!!

I am getting ready to work on the project with folks up in Fargo/Moorhead this weekend. There will be a day of compassionate workshops at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead from 1 - 4pm. I have 6 ( YES 6!) more panels to display, and we will be working on putting more knots and beads on even more blocks. I'll post some pictures early next week.

Come join us on Saturday, or check out the display at WBUUC - It comes down Sunday afternoon.

* That makes 17 completed panels of 30 blocks each, or, 510 Americans, 108,120 Iraqis.


Darcie said...

Hope you're going to have a positively overwhelming response, Caron! I'd love to join you...but I've got to help one of my daughters with -- Mommy's proud -- a quilt project for a class in school. This is her only weekend...and she there again takes after her Mom: "Looming deadlines are our motivator!"

I have a question: Would a solidish looking hand dye qualify for "solid" for The Project? I've been meaning to ask for all too long....

Tie one on for me. A French knot, that is!!! ;-P

Safe travels to you! (And by the way...depending on when you're driving this way...we are forecast to receive blizzard conditions keep your ears close to the radio!!!)

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

I've heard about your project via Carol at Giraffe Dreams. I'm planning to make at least one block (it seems like there are so many yet to be made!) and will post a link back here on my own blog. That may not happen for a week or so, but I'll get to it, I promise!

I like the idea of tying the blocks to a chain link fence. By the time you get close to the goal number you'll need someplace big, like a long fence, on which to display them!