Friday, January 25, 2008


A light bulb flashed this last week. The Republican National Convention will be held in St Paul this summer. Why hasn't this registered with me before? The Republican National Convention. In my backyard. Where I can find a venue to display the project. The project that everyone who writes national policy should see.

The fire has been lit!! The more blocks we have completed by convention time , the more powerful the piece will be! I'm working on finding a venue for the project to hang, or possibly be carried in a parade or, or, or..... it's brainstorming time! If you have any ideas, pass them along!

There was some great energy last night at my MCQ meeting!! Thanks for all the blocks and supplies donated!! You Ladies Rock!!

Another idea - zip ties around the sticks onto chain link fence. The pictures I took in November look really great on the fence. On the fence is how a lot of people feel about the war anymore. We want the troops home, but don't want to risk further chaos for the Iraqis. Folks who once supported the war, are now regretting that stance. We might need to look at fences. hmmm....

Keep on stitching!


Nellie's Needles said...

oooo...a chainlink/wire fence would work wonderfully well. I like the additional meaning that is so on the mark with the way a lot of us think/feel about this war.

Carol E. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. To get details on my guild's quilt show go here:

I hope you can see the show.
I will put a link to your blog on my blog! And hope to find time to make you a block.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused on the numbers for this - going by the number of squares times the number of french knots, that gives a Iraqi casualty number of 647,660. However, the last I saw the count was at just under 90,000. Why is there such a discrepancy? Am I missing something? :)

Caron said...

Anonymous - I based my numbers off that installation at Reed College out in Portland mentioned in the beginnings post. They had used numbers from the most recent Lancet report at the time. At that reporting there were 655,000 Iraqi casualties. That includes military and civilian deaths. I had not yet heard about deaths from American contract workers and the extent to which they are also dying. When I've met the initial goal, I can include them in phase 2 so all deaths on both sides are honored.

Anonymous said...

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