Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Anne and the Lightbulb

So it's one of those ideas where we all went, "Well of course!" Okay, to be honest I did stop and think about it for a minute or two because, well, I can be a control freak sometimes. My family can stop laughing now.

Anne discovered that if she programmed her Bernina 1260 just right, she could add a space between the asterisk stitches, and they would look like the individual beads and french knots we have putting in our blocks! Thanks Anne!

On a 1260, the stitch is number 27. Hit number 27, memory, and then straight stitch, memory, and you should be good to go. The stitch is a little bigger than the beads and knots have been, and I am guessing that a spiral is going to be the best design to get all 212 stitches on the block.

Don't have a Bernina 1260? As long as you are able to program a stitch in between an asterisk stitch * * * , so they maintain their individuality, I say go for it. I don't want a running together of stitches ***** that don't have any distinction. This is after all, about remembering the individuals who have died.

If you have other sewing machine makes that have a similar tight stitch on them and you think you want to try it, let me know. St Cloud has dealers for every major brand of sewing machine and I can go test drive it to make sure it clears my inner control freak.

I like how there will be a nice mix of beads and hand stitching and machine stitching in the project. A bit of everything. And we may actually get it done! Now if Anne can figure something out for the soldiers and our government leaders we'll be set to finish the damn war too.


Jeff said...

What does it say about me that I had to sit here and follow the stitch from the center to the outside? What can I say, I used to like mazes when I was a kid.

Carol E. said...

Duh! I'll try this on my Pfaff!

Darcie said...

Very cool. But I've been so wanting to sit down and make...umm...how many zillion french knots do we need on one 6" square again??? lol ;-) Hopefully I can sit down while one of my dear daughters is sewing her school project.

Now travel over here to the west of you...through cyber space...it is winter, ya know and those roads can be a bit tricky.... I've got something on my blog that I'd like you to play with me, Caron!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...
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Carol E. said...

Caron, I tried this on my Pfaff and couldn't really find a stitch that worked. The one I tried was too big. So it's back to hand work for me (french knots) which I enjoy anyway. And sorry, I can't make it to the mtg Monday night. Have something else on my schedule. Remind me next time.