Friday, March 12, 2010

I have to admit....

....that I am not the most technically proficient person. I am stubborn, and keep trying to figure things out on my own. My computer has become fit for the legally blind... the font is so large I cannot find all the shortcuts to my dashboard to be able to add another post. It's a breakthrough day - I am still unable to make the font reduce, but I did find my dashboard. I apologize for being so inept.

We keep plugging along. I've been getting blocks and sleeves(!!!! Thanks DEB!!!!) every week. THANKS - and keep 'em coming! This project gains so much more meaning the more hands that are involved. All it really takes is a little time, and maybe some $ for postage. I am always so honored by those of you who have taken the time to help, and to remember those who have given ALL on our behalf.

I have been busy sewing sleeves on and spent an afternoon last week at Aunt Annie's attaching newly sleeved blocks to existing blocks. I got through 400!! Total - not 400 with sleeves - yet...

I've sent out a few more proposals to hang the project, so cross your fingers.

Roger has started a facebook page for us - my everlasting gratitude to him!!!


Nellie's Needles said...

I've been binding blocks that have had the stitching done on them for some time. They'll be coming to you soon.

I can't say why making the knots wins out over making the binding. I guess it's handwork versus machine work.

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Marianna said...


I just found your site today. I belong to a quilting guild. And if you don't mind I will encourage the quilters to visit your blog and maybe they will be inspired to help. I know I am inspired to help and will make some blocks starting today.

I agree that seeing concretely the devastation and death surrounding war makes a much stronger impact, then some abstract notion of war in a far away place.

Thank you for conceiving and spending the time and effort it takes to make a project like this a success.