Monday, June 1, 2009


I just had a request to display a portion of the project at The Paramount Gallery in downtown St Cloud, and happily obliged. It was a short turnaround, so of course I forgot my camera. Later. I promise.

540 blocks fit perfectly in the space. They will be there until sometime in July, along with the work of other artists who I spent some studio time with a couple weeks ago. We gathered in the studio space of the paramount and spent the weekend working on things for the show. I completed a small piece made from scraps from the "Big Project."

Another venue fast approaches - Minnesota Quilters is in Duluth this year and I will be hanging as much as will fit in a section. This show runs June 11 - 13. What a great road trip that will be!

Oh hey - I have a free day to hang the piece, but am unable to be there to pack it up. My friends Lucy and Mopar will be in town with their booth from the awesome Aunt Annie's Quilts and Silks, and they will bring it home to me. Is anyone going to be in Duluth that Saturday afternoon who could pack it up and deliver it to Lucy? That would be terrific. Let me know.

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Carol E. said...

I'm not even able to go to the show at all this year! Boo hoo! Sorry I can't help.