Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh, My

Awards are given at quilt shows. It is definitely an honor to receive one, but, as anyone who has ever entered a piece in a show knows, the subjectivity of the judges is difficult to predict. The awards that mean the most come from the viewing public. Or, in this case the security guards, who walked miles and miles making sure all was safe and secure.

It was the guard's choice ribbon that I found hanging on the project when I returned to Duluth on Saturday to dismantle the display. I was honored to receive this recognition. And this was before, I took the ribbon down, and read the inscription, "From 2 disabled Iraq war vets, our sincere thanks."

Oh, my.... I got the best award given this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this project a reality. Oh my... the security guards, who walked miles and miles making sure ALL was safe and secure. Oh, my.


Janet said...

Just think how moved they must have been by this project. It shows them people really do care and acknowledge their service. Good for you! Definitely the best award.

Chris said...

I was able to see your display in Duluth. Your project had a profound impact on us all. I'm so pleased to see the award you received and it means so much more because of it's source.

Carol E. said...

Congratulations!! That is fabulous! I'm sure that helped boost your confidence in the impact this project has. Way to go!!