Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forward Motion

I let things here slow down for a while. The summer had been crazy busy, and fall was keeping up the pace, so, I slacked off a bit in keeping you all updated.
A bit of a schedule re-arrangement looks like I might actually have a few dedicated hours each week to find venues, and do more than work on making knots on my lunch breaks
Sitting on my desk waiting for more than a few minutes of my attention are a couple of proposals for large spaces to hang the entire project. The project has continued to grow, and is now just over 1700 blocks! (Last December, when I did that MPR interview, there were only about 350 blocks completed! Some dedicated folks have helped keep me inspired when the size of this undertaking overwhelms me. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! You are amazing!


jacquie said...

are you planning to join in on project improv? if so, please send me your email address so i can pass on the details. we'd be glad to have you,
jgeringirre at yahoo dot com

Debra Svedberg said...

How about using more quilt shows around the US? The more popular ones of course.
Maybe sending only one set of blocks (you do each set with 5x5 or 5 x 6 blocks?) would save on postage. But would be enough of a tickler for those interested in seeing the whole thing or even just knowing where to go to make some blocks and mail them to you.
Keep up the good work girl! You'll get it done! It's so awesome!
And be sure to try to make it to a MCQ meeting and tell me before hand. I'll set up a table and chairs in the back where we can invite stitchers to sit and add knots/beads during the meeting.
It's wonderful Caron, don't lose your zeal!