Thursday, June 14, 2007


You haven't heard much from me in a while. I had every intention of being of being a teriific cheerleader for this project when I started. I thought I'd be able to fake my way through those times when I have to stop listening to the news because it's just too much. I get overwhelmed and have to step back for a while. So, I stepped back until I had more positive words to send you.

The project continues to grow, and folks are helping out on it all over the place! It might be getting some local publicity. I was at an arts festival this last weekend working on a block, and one of the other participants asked me about what I was working on. I explained the project and she jumped up and got pen and paper and started taking notes, and asked, "Would it be alright if I shared this with my editor?" Well of course! So we'll see what happens there.

On another note, someone had asked earlier about when to send the completed blocks to the p.o. box. I had said save them up and send them in groups to save on postage. That's still fine with me if it's fine with you, but, I have had to rent a storage place for the project, because as it grew to about 50 pieces, I realized it was the symbolic representation of10,000 deaths. That was too much death to have at my house all the time. And possibly too much for your house too, so feel free to send them in whenever - I would love to see more of them coming in! My plan is to take them from the p.o. to the storage unit and finish putting things together there. I have a few more to pin on and will remember to take a picture for you.

Thankks again for all your help!


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Sharonahhhhhhhhhhhhh said...

Carn, I've got some blocks for you that were done in Provence in the south of France. Also, while working on them during volunteering at Martin Luther Manor Gift Shop in Bloomington, a number of folks heard the story and were very excited that you were doing this project. It is certainly a huge challenge, but as folks hear about it, hopefully more will see fit to make a few blocks to add to the memorial.