Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching Up

I have been gone for a while.

There's a sequence to this displaying of the project.

Work maniacally to get everything ready to go ahead of time, so hanging 2,500+ pieces "seems" relatively easy.

Hang out at the event - meet really great people, have meaningful conversations about big topics, learn new skills - the Fiber Arts Festival was awesome! A huge THANKS to everyone I met and talked to there, and who helped make a few more blocks to add to the memorial.

Recover. The theme of this project is one of profound loss and sadness. I'm always amazed at how depleted I feel after hanging the project, and then again after visiting with people. It's always a really good thing to hear peoples stories and reactions, but, sometimes it's a while before I bounce back.

Thanks to Debi form the Nordic Needle for including ASC in the most recent newsletter. A whole new group of blocks will be arriving from their subscribers -Thanks!! That jolt of enthusiasm was just what I needed.


I have spent some time this summer preparing for a couple of art shows - not ASC , but my "other" art. If you're going to be in Central Minnesota this fall, look for me and my work at
Lost Lake Design , Sept 11 &12, and I will part of a group show at the Whitby Gallery at The College of St Benedict. Opening reception will be on Sept 12 @ 2:00pm, and the show runs through Oct 24th. I will also have a few pieces at the Indian Summer Quilt Show and Conference in Fargo Sept 24, 25, 26th. Whew!

**Oh Hey - If anyone got any photos of the project at Bonanzaville, will you share them? My camera was a no go that weekend. Thanks!

****One more thing.....
There are still many more blocks to be completed. I never thought this when I started - it seemed as thought this war would go in perpetuity, but there may actually be an "end " in sight.
I had stated that the 3,100 of the original goal was completed - that would be my "tour of duty" in an ongoing situation. But, with enough help from y'all, if indeed we get a final number , maybe I'll finish what I started. I would NEED HELP!!

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Sherri Lynn Wood said...

I'm in the same boat but much further behind. I think there are only about 1800 names stitched on my prayer banners. I need help too! And I need to spend more time on the project. However my view is - even though the war is "over" the mourning has just begun. It takes a long time to stitch these memorials. It takes a long time for a country to heal from war.