Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh the Planning and Scheming!

So much is happening or soon to happen!

I'm getting packed to take the project on the road. We're
heading to Fargo for the annual Indian Summer Quilt Show and Conference, September 25th, 26th, and 27th. I'll be doing a couple of presentations, and will have lots of blocks available if you want to sit down and make a few knots!

Remember the book? An advance copy of Quilting for Peace will soon be arriving on my doorstep! It outlines 20 amazing community service oriented projects. I am soo excited to have been included in this book by Katherine Bell! I can't wait to see in person! In conjunction with it's October release, there are plans a-plotting for more events.

I'll let you know as things are finalized!

I just got more awesome blocks in the mail this week!! THANKS to everyone who keeps plugging along with me in this big adventure! May the end be soon in sight.

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Lisa Z said...

I saw your project in Quilting for Peace today while at Barnes and Noble. It's awesome! I'm in St. Cloud, too, and my husband thinks we saw the quilt at the art crawl this summer. Is he right? I really enjoyed reading about it in the book--what a great book it is, too.

I will hope to make a square of two myself. I gotta get the supplies first.

Great job!