Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yes, You Can Have A Peaceful Event At The RNC

You won't, however, get any media attention. Well, at least not from any of the main stream media who found their way to Peace Island.
I did do a couple of interviews with people making documentaries. It will be interesting to see what happens with them. And, before I found my gumption to actually be interviewed, Zach did some video of the project as we were getting set up.

It really looks nice! Thanks Zach!

It was really an awesome day. The police had many streets blocked off, so it was a little difficult in getting there at certain times of the day, but, for those who did make it, It was what every celebration of peace should be. Food, music, kite flying, a bit of civil disobedience, and art with a message.

Many people, after visiting with me about the project, took blocks and needle and thread with them, and sewed while enjoying the music. We got alot accomplished there, and many blocks went home to be finished and mailed in. I love getting blocks in the mail!
What a day!


Carol E. said...

I wish I had made it down there! I'm so glad you got it set up and got the word out. Way to go! I'm plugging away on some blocks and will get them back to you... hopefully sooner rather than later.

Nellie's Needles said...

Way to GO!!!

It's interesting to see the different patterns of dot stitches.

Beth said...

Sooo cool! Glad it went well!