Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My dad had a big stack of completed blocks for me when I stopped by last night. Thanks Dad!!
And, I recently got a couple of beautiful blocks from Judy, Thanks!

Here's a little corner of my home where I have organized some parts of the big project. Various stages of completion are shown. The plastic tote on the left is full fabric that is ready to be sewn into squares. There's cut batting in the chair. Below the chair is a box of blocks ready to have knots or beads applied. There are a couple piles of completed blocks on the shelf, and, on the floor is a pile of sections pinned together and ready to hang. I forgot the piles at the sewing machine. There's a couple more stages there.

I have been approached with potential space to display the project. It won't happen until after the first of the new year, so, you have plenty of time to complete and send me blocks!

I love adding blocks from different makers. We each add our own bit of personality to them. Seeing that variety makes one conscious of the fact that each block, and each knot represent an individual who had their own distinct personality.

Thanks so much to everyone who is helping with this project.

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