Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby steps

Progress for a techno-phobe! I have finally managed to access my own blog from my own computer. Things are looking bright even on this dreary day. (I even added photos, ok so they showed up below the first post, they're still there, go look!)

So the update on things - I am still finding lots of people who want to help! I figured out how to make things a little simpler and a lot less expensive. I put together four blocks with grommets and bead chain as a sample/ proto-type. The silver stuff was quite distracting from the blocks themselves. So, we're going punk. As a quilter, I have at my beck and call, a basket full of brass safety pins. (I have quite a few, but you know we'll be needing more, so scrounge through your sewing studios for 1 1/8" size pins) It's working wonderfully to pin the blocks together from the back. I've been inserting a bead in between to give just a little space. (These beads could be purple, as in purple heart, and represent the injured.)

Tomorrow we'll see if I can make my new photo port function and have the tutorial photos in odd places!



Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooo! Here you go Carn! I'll be making one...how many iraqi knots?

Debra Svedberg

Nellie Bass Durand said...

About the grommets ... in my opinion all that metal is appropriate for the subject of war.